Elyshia Speaks and Trains Corporately!

Elyshia Brooks, President of BrandNiquely™ You! A Personal and Business Brand Identity Boutique that specializes in Personal Mastery entwine with Brand Identity Development working with High-Achieving Leaders as a Corporate Professional, Business CEO or Ministry Leaders and College Students / Millennials. 

Where we seek to Define, Develop and Design a Unique Leadership, Lifestyle or Transformational Brand that Speaks to The Core Of Who They Are With the Intent to Increase Brand Awareness, Enhance Engagement and Build Authentic Relationships; All While Growing in Profit or Promotability!

Are You Ready To Live A BIGGER LIFESTYLE or LEADERSHIP BRAND that is truly based on who YOU are and your PURPOSE?

She works with High-Achieving Purposed Individuals to EMPOWER, ENGAGE and EDUCATE you to BE & LIVE Your BRAND™ through my Personal Brand Intelligence™  Programs, which speaks to your centered core through her Elite 1-on-1 Coaching, VIP Days, BrandNiquely™ You! 2-Day Advancement and her BrandNiquely™ You! Academy, a 5 and 10-Month Program.

Her mastery in the areas of business, marketing, brand transformation, leadership, and personal mastery that motivates performance that maximizes leadership potential and increases brand awareness, also leads clients to generate personal life transformation. 


Corporate Personal Brand for Leaders 

As the Business CEO, you may be too close your brand and business, that you cannot see new innovative ways to take it to the next level. Our Business CEO Brand Strategy Program, will provide you with a fresh outlook, systems and strategies to manage your business for the future. You will also discover how to optimize value positioning and equity. along with learning how your personal identity sets the tone for your organizational culture.


Keynote, Workshops, Seminars, Trainings

Your personal identity impacts your leadership style, the team or organization you lead, and ultimately how you choose to live your life. Personal Branding is truly essential to your development and advancement, not only in just career, but also as a lifestyle. As an executive leader you must be intentional about defining your uniqueness and owning it. It is an on-going life commitment that you should have full control over. To thrive and be an influencer, you must invest in your own personal-mastery and destiny.


Colleges and Universities

We know college students excel more when they invest in themselves, but also when someone else invests in them. Knowing who they are early on and the direction in which they desire to go...depends on what they think of themselves and how they show up. 

Our College Student’s Personal Brand Program helps students develop and refine their personal images, so they can create powerful and lasting first impressions when entering into new careers or businesses.