About The BrandNiquely™ You! Academy

Hello BrandNique™ Elite! 

I am excited that we connected in one way or another! I am grateful that you are interested in the BrandNiquely™ You! Academy®. The program that I have created for you is AMAZING if you are willing to do the work and be intentional about growing your business, your brand and living a bigger life. I am very clear of my purpose and the path that I am to take and I want to say in love that I ONLY want to work with those who are serious-minded, focused, and who are truly ready to launch, elevate and build an authentic brand that speaks to your core purpose. I am intentional about only working with LEADERS!

I will tell you that my coaching is holistic and purposefully lead, based on life changing and transformational principles that are ensured to build a solid foundation for your business and for you to leave a legacy. With that being said, I am totally laser clear on my divine ideal clients and who I am supposed to serve; therefore, everyone cannot work with me, because everyone is not ready for the challenge and empowerment that comes along with my dedication to pushing you to your success. Some are just not ready and if that is you, then my programs, masterminds, and systems will not work for you. And that is OKAY! 

If You Are: 

  • Ready To Launch or Rebrand… BrandNique™

  • Ready To Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • Teachable

  • Serious About Your Living Your True Purpose & Calling

  • Ready to Elevate, Enlighten, Engage & Enlarge Your Brand Identity & Income Significantly

  • Ready to Thrive Instead of Just Surviving and Work With Those Who Love You!


Are You Ready To Play A Bigger Game In Your Business and In Life?
— Elyshia Brooks, MBA

BrandNiquely™ You! Academy® was created for all levels of entrepreneurs and corporate business leaders… and those who are ready to make the leap to becoming one. This is my entry level mastery program and a great way to have ongoing access to Elyshia (ME!) and my teachings at a very affordable rate. You’ll enjoy weekly group phone calls with me highlighting branding, business and success topics designed to move your life and business forward. Online digital audio recordings of each call will be included as well. You’ll also receive weekly newsletter “BrandNiquely You" eZine, delivering articles, advice, and tips on branding, business, style, and life for the passionpreneur!

All Plans Address Critical Inner-Awareness and Authentic Personal Branding Strategies, Including, but Not Limited to the Following:

  • Clarity Of Purpose, Passion and Pursuit to Make Profit!

  • Get Clear on Your Brand Identity, Message, Voice, Personality and MORE!

  • Insight from my Personal Brand Intelligence™ Program

  • Understanding Creative Visual Branding an Personal Branding Lifestyle™

  • Pricing Strategy to Get Paid Your Worth

  • Who Are Your Divine Clients, So You Get to do your Work

  • Where and How To Engage Your Audience

  • Just A Whole Lot of Info If You Are Ready!!

  • Defining, Developing and Designing an Authentic Personal Brand That Speaks ToYour Truth

Yes!!! You Will Get Me Live Each Week For 90 Minutes…
PLUS Action Worksheets to Build an Elite Brand! And So Much More!!

Privileges of the Empowered Elite Membership in the BrandNiquely™ You! Academy® 

Are for those who are either just starting out or have been in business for under five years, but understands how imparative branding and marketing are key to growing their business. This entry level tier allows you to receive high-content that will provide new thoughts and mindset shifts to not thinking just like an entrepreneur, but a CEO. There are number of topics that would be covered to catapult you into your next!

You will receive in this tier:

        Investment Into You! And Yessss You are Worth It! ~ (Inquire about the Monthly Finance)


Privileges of the BrandNiquely™ You! Academy®

  • WEEKLY 1-90 Minute Expert Video (Live) Coaching Call with Elyshia: This session is held on the same time each week and is recorded for you to listen as many times as needed to get clarity of your focus for the week. There will be Private Group set up for all participants, also dial-in to my Private Line for Live TeleCoaching and Sometimes Video

  • Copy of My Book: “Branding The Authentic You!” Published by Elyshia Brooks

  • Copy of My “BE & LIVE Your Brand” BrandBook is full of assessments, challenges, worksheets, action sheets, tips and more!

  • BE & LIVE your Brand Assessment: This is my customized assessment to see where you have been, what you are doing, and where you want to go in your life, business and your brand.

  • Monthly Resources: Documents to Focus and Build on a specific part of your business/personal brand to maximize brand awareness and personal growth.

  • 30-Minute Virtual Office Hour ~ Q&A "Ask EB" Session: On Fridays at 2:00 PM (EST) Live Video Q&A with ME on Branding, Business & Personal Development, Clarity On Your Purpose, Marketing, etc.

  • Members-Only Lounge Via Facebook: Private Facebook Group where you will receive my Personal Attention and gain from like-minded individuals. This is for the SERIOUS-MINDED and HIGH-ACHIEVERS!

  • Creating Healthy & Wealthy Mindset Trainings: These trainings are equipped to expand your wealth consciousness and change the way you view your situation, business and how to be open to successful and healthy personal and professional relationships to grow as a person and a business boss lady.

  • Weekly “BrandNique™” Coaching, Support and Empowerment in building your faith to keep you knowing that "The best is yet to come, along with your commitment to constant action. There is a Weekly 20-Minute Extraordinary Empowerment Uplift.


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